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Mohammed Salim Al-Harthy Global Enterprises were established in the year 2000 under the commercial register No: 1632469 in the Governorate of Muscat, Capital of the Sultanate of Oman. It is practicing different activities in the Omani market to serve the Omani society.
The company categorized as Sole Proprietor subject to applicable rules and regulations in the Sultanate of Oman. Omani rules. The company respects and protects the habits and Omani, Arabic and Islamic traditions, these ideas come out from national feelings and participation in the veteran Omani acquirements. We appreciate the constructive role of Oman Government which aim at to participate and develop the profits which aim at accomplishing a state of associations under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos the Great – God bless him-


Hamood Al Harthy
Grandfather (1900 - 1971)


Salim Al Harthy
Father (1940 - 1988)

I followed the old Omani traditions in finding a name for my Establishment. It was known previously in Oman that the businessman gives personal name to his company and not mock names such as saying .. this is the shop of so and so or the trader so. I have used my name and the tribe name together with putting logo for my establishment bearing the name and the tribe and inside the word Al-Sumri, which is part of my group and one of the most noble groups of Al Harthy Tribe. The meaning of the logo is that nobility inside tribe and that indicates trust and transparency between the Establishment and its customers.

I pray for God to offer me bright future and enable me to develop my trade and to become one of the best merchants in this country, I call all Omani to support me and to be at my side to protect this country from any bad practices.


Mohammed Salim Al Harthy
Global Enterprises

News & Updates

Safa Building Sold (10/7/2011)
Our project "Safa Building" in Darsait is sold. The project is a Deluxe 9 Residential Apartments block which is provided with card system Elevator,car park s ...